Our mission

The mission of Ukrainian-Austrian Association is to foster civil society relations between Austria and Ukraine and to promote in Austria the success of transformation already achieved in Ukraine, and hence to improve the perception and image of Ukraine in Austria. Besides UAA develops initiatives and projects in the social, cultural, business and civil society field with an overall objective to broaden and strengthen ties and cooperation between Austria and Ukraine. As far as its focus on business is concerned, Ukrainian-Austrian Association is striving to establish and intensify B2B relations with an aim to attract further investment and to promote bilateral projects.

Gaps in mentality between Ukrainians and Austrians (and, in general, Western Europeans) can still be widely observed. They often hamper development of basically promising joint business. Hence, Ukrainian-Austrian Association is offering assistance and training with regard to inter-cultural relations and management on university level and, in cooperation with the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to Ukrainian companies concerning their proposals for international projects, the latter including training with regard to state-of-the-art professional standard in projects.

To facilitate achievement of such goals, Ukrainian-Austrian Association is seeking cooperation and reconciliation with civil, political, business and cultural institutions of both countries. We organise Ukrainian-Austrian events and are contribute to forums, conferences, congresses and events in the above fields.

Starting December 2017 UAA is the Austrian member of ICBAC (International Council of Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce) together with the bilateral associations and chambers representing USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Turkey, China and Ukraine.