Meeting the shortage of IT-experts in Austria and Germany: Pool of top companies in Ukraine for outsourcing, outstaffing, dedicated teams and R&D

The continuously enormous deficit of IT specialists in Austria (28,000 at the end of 2020) and Germany (96,000) against the background of the excellent international reputation of Ukrainian IT has prompted Ukrainian-Austrian Association (UAA) to establish a pool of IT companies in the eastern Ukrainian industrial city of Dnipro.

The current pool members and other cooperating specialised companies were thoroughly checked locally for technical competence, management quality and first-class international references, and cover the relevant IT service spectrum to the greatest possible extent. Advantages: rapid availability and excellent cost-benefit ratio.

UAA provides support during the selection process and in the course of the project.

For more information, please see the presentation on our proposal for Germany.

For information on Austria, please check here

For any additional information, please contact Alfred F. Praus (